Physica ZUK Meeting

Physica ZUK Meeting

Webinar Unicompartimental Knee Arthroplasty

Deze Webinar heeft plaatsgevonden op 14 oktober.



Guido Geutjens, Rob Straw, Nav Bhangoo - Royal Derby Hospital. One of the highest UKA volume accounts in the UK completing >300 UK per annum

Paul Nicolai - Bury St Edmunds
Over 15 year experience and 650 consecutive P-ZUK, published independent results with97.9%
implant survivorship at 12 years.

Richard Parkinson - Wirral
Past President of British Association of Surgery for the Knee
Over 15 year experience with MG and ZUK all polyethylene construct

Mike Hockings - Torbay
15 years ZUK experience, first DGH to publish on day case UKA

Alex Anderson - Rotherham
10 years P-ZUK experience
Set up Day case in DGH published data to support

Vipul Mandalia - Exeter 

Implement UKA into Exeter using Lima Knee Insights to prove cost effectiveness vs TKA

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